Thursday, February 4, 2010

Andrew Burr Eye Candy

Two days out with great friends and an amazing photographer: Andrew Burr. Check his website out: and

Thanks, Andy!

Ines Papert on the first pitch of Ames Ice Hose

Starting up the second pitch on Ames: we both got to the pitch a few times. This pitch holds a lot of history for me: my husband to be, Adam was on this pitch when my tools came flying down from the top of the route and almost hit him. This is how we met, we were married shortly thereafter.

Ines pitch two

Last pitch of Ames Ice Hose. Awesome exposure

Piton anchor love

Really? the first generating station??!!


Coffee time at the greatest bookstore on earth: "Between the Covers", in Telluride, CO

Drytooling on CampBird Road above Ouray, CO

Nice bolt!

Jason Nelson on a wet Skylight. More about Jason @ Visual

Testing out the hood as it's pouring down on me

More wetness...

Andy LOVES old anchors and gear...

Behind Jason's house... gorgeous... yet chossy!

Really... do I really have to climb all that bad rock?!

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